Why was I declined credit?

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Why you may have been refused credit

There are several different reasons why your application for credit may have been turned down. Credit card issuers look at your individual circumstances and credit history and assess your ability to manage a credit card account and repay a credit card debt.

You may have been turned down because:

  • You missed a repayment on a credit card, loan, mortgage, catalogue, mobile phone or similar account
  • You exceeded your credit limit on a credit card, loan, mortgage or similar account
  • You may be new to credit and have no previous credit history
  • You may be new to the UK and have no credit history here
  • You may not be on the electoral roll and therefore not traceable
  • You have a County Court Judgement against your name
  • You may have provided incorrect information on a previous application for credit

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Aquis Credit Card

Aquis is designed for people who’ve had minor setbacks in their recent credit history — or have maybe been refused credit from high street banks. We will look at your situation as an individual and give you the chance to get back on track with a new credit card and build your credit rating.
29.8% APR (variable)
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Vanquis Credit Card

Vanquis specialise in helping people to build or rebuild their credit rating. Maybe you’ve been turned down for a Credit Card or a loan in the past. We understand that situations change, so we look at your position now — not just your past history. We help you to carefully manage your account and to increase your available credit over time.
39.9% APR (variable)
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1 minute response
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